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Havalon FAQ

Do Piranta blades fit the Baracuta and vice versa?

No, Piranta blades only fit Piranta style handles and fitments and Baracuta blades only fit Baracuta handles and fitments. The only one of our handles that can accommodate both styles of blades is the Havalon Hydra.


How do you change the blades?




How long do the Piranta 60A blades usually last?

Unfortunately, that is not an easy question to answer. Everyone works different and has a different perception of sharp. We usually tell people that the first time they ever use a Havalon knife on a whitetail, they will probably use 2-3 blades. There is certainly a learning curve associated with our knives, so it takes some time to get the hang of it. Once you have a good handle on how to use the knife it is easy to get through 2-3 whitetail with one blade.


Do Havalon Knives rust?

No, our replaceable blades will not rust. However, there is a possibility of rust with some of our double bladed knives that feature a fixed style blade (Titan, Rebel, and EXP). These traditional non replaceable blades have some carbon in them which is what makes them so incredibly sharp. All users have to do to prevent this happening to their knife is to dry it off after it gets wet. So long these knives stay clean, they will avoid any kind of corrosion.


Does Havalon have any kind of warranty?

Yes, we very proudly stand behind our knives and tools. So much so that we have a lifetime warranty on all of our handles. So if anything goes wrong due to reasonable use of our products we will happily replace it with a brand new one.

To set up your return, please call Havalon customer service:

(513) 527-1260.

Hours are 9am – 5pm EST M-F