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Havalon Reviews

Looking for the best hunting knife for field dressing and skinning deer, elk, bear, boar, or wild game birds? Havalon knives is the correct answer to that question, but don't take it from us. Read these reviews from hunters and fishers just like you. Prefer to know the opinion of pro hunters and guides? You'll find those here too.

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"Best skinning knife for hogs..." -<br> John Campos, NJ"...blade glided through the skin with little effort." - Cory McBray, FL"The blades are legendary sharp..." - Kelvin Hampton, NC
"My go-to everyday tool." - Erick Smith, CA"...could not be happier..." Theodore Brazell, NC"It speeds up the skinning process..." - Wayne Muller, Boss Safaris
"Love My Havalon" - Donald Barnett"...I have never had an easier time skinning." - Tom Nelson"....Havalon is the most versatile tool in my pack." - Cody Rusow
"Havalon blades stay sharp...."-<br> Clint Davis"...Baracuta made this job a breeze." - Colton BensonSteve Sorensen reviews Havalon Knives for field dressing
"Looked and Performed like a Surgical Blade" - Shannon Swanson"Best Customer Service....Saved the Day." - Jason Cogburn"Glides right through the toughest of hides" - Glenn Mau
"...Piranta caped out an alligator with ease." - Jeremy Hoffman"The Only Knife You’ll Ever Need" - Steve Shuman"Take a Havalon, Take Control!" - Peter Kuhlmann
"My Havalon worked like a champ." - Mike Holberg"...skins just roll off." - Terry Killinger"...my Piranta did everything as advertised." - Art Bloor
Elvex South Africa,<br> Havalon Knives Golf Day"...used my Baracuta to quarter & bone out two deer."<br> - John Rummer, IL"Me, My Son, Pronghorn, and the Havalon Piranta." - Jerry Hodson, CO
"This Is The Best Knife In The World"<br>Ockert Scheepers, South Africa"Cannot Beat the Ease of Use & Reliability" - James Brennan, MT"Baracuta Fillet Knife Is The Best I've Ever Used." Robert Morse, WA
"You Just Can't Beat The Piranta Torch." Stan Carden"Havalon Goes Above and Beyond"<br>Bob Reynolds, TX"Overall The Best Fillet Knife"<br>Dustin Jones
"Havalon Baracuta Is Great For Bass"<br>Todd Warner"...The Blade Is Still Sharp"<br>Joseph Miles, MO"Works Great For Skinning Moose"<br>Tod Watkins, TX
"About Time Someone Made a Surgical Scalpel For Hunting" <br>Dave Pitts, OR"Made Short Work of Skinning Bears"<br> Chip Bright, Ceva Animal Health"Great Knives!"<br> William Haliburton
"Best Knife for Skinning Bear"<br> Video Testimony by Phil Shoemaker"Best Knife for Large Skinning Jobs & Delicate Tasks"<br>Wes Bunderson, ID"This Skinning Knife is Second to None" - Chris Ray, AZ
"These Knives Make all the Difference for Deer Cleaning,"<br>Margie Singleton, AL"Best Quality Skinning Knife for the Avid Outdoorsman,"<br>Dave Kowalewski, VA"Piranta Blades Work Great...<br>On Wild Pigs" - Mark Roessler, FL
"Piranta Bolt and Original Are the Best Knives I've Ever Used"<br>Mike Crandell, MI"Great Knife! Even Better Service!"<br>Jamie Walker, WA"Great Knife and Customer Service"<br>Stu Hotchkiss, NH
"The Piranta Worked Great On My Bull Elk." - Russ Tuvey, WAHavalon Hunting Knife Review by Amy SpoonPerformed Beyond Expectations - Trent Mattick, ND
"These Skinning Knives are Game Changers," - Zack Buda, GADall Sheep, Tight Places, and Havalon Knives - Scott SmithDeer Skinning Made Easy ~ Ryan Fosse
Best Knife for Skinning Elk - Marty Getch, WAGreat Knife for Skinning Moose - Will Hartzell, VA"Perfect Deer Skinning Knife" - T.J. McKenzie, WI
Hunting Pronghorn with the Piranta Original, Jerry Hodson, COBest Field Dressing Knife for MooseA Trappers Best Skinning Knife, Havalon Piranta
Finest Field Dressing Skinning Knife - Kevin GieratTurkey Hunting with the Piranta Original - Jerry Hodson, COHavalon Knife Review by Aron Snyder of Rokslide
Bear Skinning with Piranta Tracer 22 - Louis A CusackHavalon Knives Donates to Kids CampHavalon Baracuta, Great for Catfish
Great Caping Knives, Tom Claycomb, Outdoor WriterGreat Skinning Knives, Jesse Yaksich"...great company…excellent products..." - Cheryl Shidler, CA
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