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Havalon Knife Review by Aron Snyder of Rokslide

Havalon Knife Review by Aron Snyder of Rokslide

The Havalon Piranta Edge weighs 2.2 ounces with a 60XT blade attached, and if you add 4 extra blades, youíre still less than 3 total ounces. This will take away a potential 9 ounces of total pack weight for under $40. The weight savings alone is a huge bonus, but the time it takes to swap out the replaceable skinning blades, should also be taken into consideration. Iíve been using these for a while now, but changing out a blade in less than 10 seconds is about average and that saves precious time on the mountain when trying to get your game cooled down as fast as possible.

In the last 4 seasons, Iíve personally broken down 104 big game animals with the Piranta and Baracuta. In that time, Iíve narrowed down the amount of blades that are needed for each specific game animal. These are general, but it will give you a decent idea of the amount of blades needed for your next hunt....

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Aron Snyder Bio:

Aron is a man of many hats, specializing in gear reviews, backpack hunting, wilderness survival and is a co-founder of Rokslide. As a former military man, search and rescue team member and MMA fighter, he takes his physical training seriously and will be focusing in a real world approach on getting readers prepared for their upcoming hunts. His animal of choice is elk, but he will hunt any big game animal whenever possible and has been known to harvest 15-20 animals in one season. Aron is also a former co-host of Outdoor Lifeís "Live Hunt" and an ongoing freelance writer, so he knows what information hardcore backpack hunters are looking for and will be delivering this information in full force at Rokslide.com

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