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Havalon Contest Winners

If you'd like a chance to win free Havalon Knives, register your email address for our monthly email drawing. Also, if you attend sportsman's shows, look for our booth and register to win a set of Havalon Knives valued at $500.00. Good Luck!

David Dionne of WI, Wins Baracuta-Z Fillet KnifeErik of WY, Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting KnifeMaron Bagley of GA, Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting Knife
Russell Phillips of NE, Wins Baracuta-Edge Fillet KnifeAlejandro Gutierrez of CO, Wins Baracuta-Edge Fillet KnifeJeff Peters of MD, Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting Knife
Darryl Papineau of CO, Wins Baracuta Bone Saw Hunting KnifeJoe Tamulevicius of PA, Wins Piranta Whitetail Skinning KnifeSam Grimston of Australia, Wins Piranta-Stag Skinning Knife
Jake Wood of LA, Wins Piranta Torch Skinning KnifeTim Davis of AZ, Wins Piranta Edge Skinning KnifeBill Blackwell of TX, Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting Knife
E. George Bendos of WV, Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting KnifeGeorge Weatherford of AR, Wins Original Piranta Skinning KnifeMatt Leckenby of OR, Wins Piranta Elk Skinning Knife
George Havlovic of WI, Wins Baracuta Bone SawRob Vita of Ontario, Canada wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting KnifeMay 2014 Email Winner John K., <br> Wins Piranta Original
April 2014 Email Winner <br>Dustin Jones Wins Baracuta EdgeMarch 2014 Email Winner<br>Joseph Miles Wins Piranta EdgeFebruary 2014 Email Winner<br>Rob Winters Wins Piranta Elk
January 2014 Email Winner<br>Jim Rennick Wins Piranta Timber WolfDecember 2013 Email Winner<br>Martin Keller Wins Piranta BoltNovember 2013 Email Winner<br>Robert Wunder Wins Baracuta Edge
October 2013 Email Winner<br>Eddie Lero Wins Baracuta EdgeNick Johnson Wins Piranta Bolt<br> Hunting & Skinning KnifeRichard Opperud Wins Baracuta Blaze Hunting & Skinning Knife
Eddie Garver Wins Baracuta Blaze<br> Hunting & Skinning KnifeMichael Bishop Wins Piranta Tracer-22 Skinning and Caping KnifeDavid Edwards, Australia, Wins Baracuta Hunting Knife
Daniel Bartch Wins Piranta-Tracer22<br> Skinning and Caping KnifeMarch 2013 Email Winner ~ Michael Moore, MIJacqueline Miller of IN, Wins Baracuta-Edge Fillet Knife
January 2013 Email Winner ~ Thomas Griffin, GA
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